What is your vision as a curriculum leader?

What is your vision as a curriculum leader?

One of the topics that is often overlooked in studies of the Vietnam War is the impact the war had on South Vietnamese society. Saigon was the headquarters for the American war effort and was deeply transformed by the American presence. For this blog, you will read selections from Jamieson’s Understanding Vietnam and create an entry that assesses the impact of the war on Saigon during the 1960s. After reading his account carefully, organize your thinking and your blog around these three topics:
1. social changes
2. economic changes
3. cultural changes

For each of these you should give a well-articulated summary of the information you can be from the Jamieson reading. Then, I would like you to spend some time searching online for (1) images and/or (2) videos that illustrate these changes or offer additional information about these three topics. Provide an explanation for each image or video of how it relates to the topic or what you can learn about Saigon in the 1960s from it.

For example, consider this well-known image of a Buddhist monk immolating himself in protest, which I inserted with the "attach image" button at the top of the editing box (I clicked "no" to the option to have it launch in a new window).
Or, here is a link to a youtube video of Saigon Street Scenes that I inserted with the "hyperlink" button.

In other words, this research blog will not be text only. You need to insert the most important or telling images or videos (or even audio clips) that you find into the narrative of your blog. If you mouse over the buttons at the top of this editing box you will see options to attach images or add video content

[5] What is your vision as a curriculum leader?