Topic: Implementation of Safety Best Practices to reduce medication errors in (In-Patient) Facility

Topic: Implementation of Safety Best Practices to reduce medication errors in (In-Patient) Facility

Topic: Implementation of Safety Best Practices to reduce medication errors in (In-Patient) Facility

Order Description

answer the following questions

1. Provide a brief description of your organisation (You can use the following information)

Excellence Hospital started in Jumeirah in 2003. Over the past twelve years, EH established
a strong brand known for quality, safety, and commitment to excellence.
EH physicians and surgeons are amongst the best in Dubai and they are highly credentialed
and the majority of them are Western trained with American or European Board certification.

Hospital Statistics:
18 outpatient clinics including a 24 hour walk-in urgent care clinic
4 operating theatres
11 IP beds, 8 recovery beds plus 1 prep bed, 2 ICU beds, 3 urgent care beds
In patient pharmacy, laboratory, conventional x-rays, mammography, ultrasounds
18,500 SF of space plus four adjacent villas used for administrative purposes (finance, IT,
Insurance, marketing, etc.)

2.0: Mission:
Our mission is to provide high quality, faster-better-friendlier service consistent with the needs
and beliefs, of our patients, employees, visitors and vendors in a comfortable, secure
3.0: Vision:
To be the multi-specialty clinics and surgical hospital of choice for patients, employees and
community doctors in UAE.
4.0: Core Values:
Customer Focus and patient safety
Respect and Collegiality
Teamwork, productivity and efficiency
Leadership with accountability

2. Describe the change you hope to implement.
What is the current situation? What is the desired situation? How are you going to achieve it?

3. Why is this change needed? Please discuss how you analysed the need for change within your organisation / department /team. Include as an appendix any tools you used to help you in this analysis.

4. Discuss the organisational impact you hope the change will have and describe the expected outcome(s).

5. Discuss the potential threats or obstacles to implementing this change.

6. Outline your proposed method(s) of evaluating this change. How will you demonstrate that you have achieved your expected outcomes described in Section 4 above?

7. Describe your role in your organisation and also your role as you see it in this change project (i.e. what will you be responsible for and what will others be responsible for in bringing about your proposed change)?

8. Include an appendix with the expected main phases of work and timelines (mini Gantt Chart). (to be attached)

9. Is there literature available related to your chosen topic? Please list 4 to 7 references to demonstrate you have conducted an initial literature search.