Symptom Paper-The Effects of Trisomy 8

Symptom Paper-The Effects of Trisomy 8

Symptom Paper-The Effects of Trisomy 8

Project description
Each student will select a disease recognized in a patient population and will provide a critical and comprehensive examination of that disease. A formal paper (5-7 pages maximum, in addition to cover page and references) using APA6 format (6th Ed.) is to be submitted under the Assignment link in Week 14.

Your paper should contain the following content areas with clear headings identifying each section #2 – #7. Review APA6 for correct position and type of headings. Remember to cite your current EBP guidelines.

Introduction and definition of the phenomenon — Do NOT identify the introduction — see APA6!

Prevalence in the population selected

Risk factors for the phenomenon in the population selected

In-depth pathophysiology of the disease, including structure and function of the body system(s) involved. Synthesize what you have learned, do NOT ‘quote’ the book.

Differential diagnoses and clinical findings

Current EBP management of the disease, i.e., national guidelines vs regional or local practices!

Conclusion — which summarizes the entire paper in one concise, well-written paragraph.

An abstract is NOT required for this paper! I suggest you select a topic that is very interesting to you and one that you would like to understand how to manage clinically. I do not recommend that you only select a disease that you consider yourself an expert about…. step outside your comfort zone and select one in which you can learn the most!

References need to be less than 3 years old and textbooks may NOT be used as references! It is expected that you will have AT LEAST 5 references.