Applied Negotiation Project :
Book: Essentials of Negotiation 7th Edition
Authors: Bruce Barry, David Saunders 
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Paper: Applied Negotiation Project:
Students will complete (ACTUALLY NEGOTIATE) a series of four different types of negotiation from the following types:
a) friend
b) family member
c) stranger
d) co-worker
e) buying at a location where haggling or negotiation is expected (such as a yard sale, flea market, church sale, etc.)
f) buying at a location where haggling or negotiation is NOT expected or typical (e.g., supermarket, department store, etc.)
g) bartering (exchanging non-monetary items or services)
The negotiations must be separate, e.g., the negotiation with a stranger must not be counted in that category AND negotiation at a typical haggle place, which would likely be with a stranger
1) First, number and list the classification of your negotiation (e.g., negotiation #1, bartering, negotiation with a stranger, etc.)
2) You may either describe the negotiation situation first and then analyze it OR you may describe the situation and add running commentary on your analysis. You are free to use first person narrative if you like.
3) Double-check that you have 4 separate incidences of negotiation that are numbered, categorized, described and analyzed, in APA formatting and according to all of the assignment directions.