Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment

Order Description

Compose a 5 page paper with at least 5 APA cited sources. Assess the health impacts of one of the following policy proposals using the HIA 6 Steps:


1. Zoning change to develop a low income senior housing project near a major highway
2. Require employers to pay employers for sick time
3. Privatize Medicare

HIA Six Steps

SCREENING Determines whether an HIA is appropriate for a given policy proposal. What is the added value of considering the health impacts of this proposal? Will the HIA have an impact on decision-making? Are the necessary resources (e.g., time, staff, expertise, data) available to conduct the HIA?
SCOPING Establishes a plan for conducting the HIA. What are the pathways through which this proposal is likely to affect health? Will the policy affect specific populations more than others? How and with what data sources might the pathways to health be studied, and can the data be obtained in a timely fashion? Which key stakeholders need to be involved?
ASSESSMENT Describes the baseline health and social conditions of the groups likely to be affected by the proposal and then assesses how the proposal may affect those baseline conditions.
RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the assessment, develops practical recommendations to
improve the health consequences of the proposed action,
including measures to mitigate adverse effects
REPORTING Engages decision-makers, community members and other stakeholders in discussing HIA findings and recommendations.
MONITORING AND EVALUATION Evaluates HIA process according to practice standards and initial plan, impact on decision making, and actual versus HIA-predicted health effects.