Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is the most interesting topic in the first half of the book.

For this DB, let’s talk about a decision you made that was based on rules, and one that is somewhat irrational.

For example, my car was purchased based on three standards that had to met in order to induce the buy.

1) financed (not leased), as I put too many miles on my car to afford leasing with mileage limits.

2) good gas mileage, again, b/c I put 30-35,000 miles per year.

3) reliable (good ranking for safety, durability, etc.)

However, I picked MSU as my undergraduate institution based on a very irrational model. Long story short…My father told a then 17 or 18 year old Dan, go to your room and give me reasons why MSU vs other schools or he woud not help with the first semester’s tuition. So I spent an hour (before the internet mind you) with a legal pad and pamplhets/brochures, writing pros and cons of MSU vs other local schools. I came up with a list based on majors offered, dormitory access, meal plans, Big Ten athletics, proximity to their house, etc., etc., (all told about 15 or so things). The simple truth was NONE of those things mattered in the least. I saw a girl on the very first day of 6th Grade when all the elementary schools came into one middle school. I “crushed,” “adored,” “stalked (maybe)” this girl for seven years. I knew she was going to MSU, so I figured, what’s another four lol. That is why I wanted to go to MSU, but I couldn’t tell my father that for he would either A) not cut the check or B) give me crap about it all summer.

So…what I want for this second DB.

Tell us ONE decision that was rational and WHY and ONE decision that was irrational and WHY (be honest).