August 8, 2020


Think about how the blog will establish your professional online presence.create an “about me” section for the blog and “welcome to my blog” section that describes […]
October 10, 2020

Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

Visit the CDC’s Foodborne Outbreaks page  (Links to an external site.)using this link.Select one of the Recent Outbreak Investigations related to food consumption.In your Blog, include […]
October 15, 2020

Planetary Justice Blog

1,000 word piece on a current environmental issue. Journalistic in nature, the blog this written work aims to provide an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge […]
October 28, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Topic of “blog” can be on any 1 of the following ONLY: keto diet, how to bottlefeed/raise foster kittens, nintendo’s zelda through out the years, or […]