American Politics

American Politics

Select a multimedia property (either movie, documentary) in consultation with the instructor. The student will review the material and then write a 2-3 page analysis demonstrating how the property reflects a major course topic selected by the student from the unit in which the assignment is due.

Assignment will be evaluated on the following points:

a. Relevance of the analyses to course content.
b. Incorporation of course-related facts and analytical frameworks into the analyses;
c. Overall effort and quality.

Each Portfolio assignment must make explicit reference to one or more of the Additional Readings assigned for the pertinent course Unit.
Here are some links to the readings assigned:
? Meddling For Morality (Economist)
? Handbook for Policy Makers: 5. Fiscal Federalism (CATO Institute)

?Monetary and Fiscal Policy (US Govt)
? In Plain English: Making Sense of the Federal Reserve (St. Louis Fed Reserve)
? Handbook for Policy Makers: 10. Reclaiming the War Powers (CATO Institute)
? Handbook for Policy Makers: 19. The Defense Budget (CATO Institute)